My dream is to have the privilege to chronicle your love story.  Whether I’m so fortunate as to catch you at the beginning of your story or part-way through, it would make me so happy to document the evolution of your family connection.

My photography career has had an evolution of it’s own, starting when I was a child and my mother gifted me my very own camera.  I used my camera to document the family farm, taking photos of the gardens, orchards and pets.  From those simple beginnings my photography career took me to Vermont, Valparaíso, Barcelona, San Francisco, Boulder and finally Northern California.  During those  20+ (!) years behind the camera I worked for various print publications and event coordinators capturing portrait, travel, lifestyle and sport imagery.

Now as the mother of two boys I’m lucky to have a front row seat on the amazing event of childhood. Each smile, each giggle, each teardrop all create breathtaking moments as these little people learn about the world. My favorite family photographs are the ones which remind us of the joys of childhood, give us a peek into a sweet connection or just make us laugh.

A successful family or event photography session includes tons of giggling and fun as I get to know you and your family. I will do whatever it takes to catch these fleeting moments as they unfold around us. Whether I’m crawling in the grass, holding my breath on your living room floor or climbing trees I’ll be engaging with your loved ones as well as my own inner kid. Being a mom I understand that things don’t always go according to plan – I always break for last minute plans, phenomenal sunsets, snacks, meltdowns or the ice cream truck – anything goes. And often those unscripted moments give us the perfect photos that will grace the walls, books and hearts of your home.

My dream of photographing the families in my community, as I document their growing love for each other has already been realized with several of my clients.  Looking back through my portfolio I’m so happy to see so many familiar faces smiling back at me, engagement kisses evolving to gorgeous weddings and then to pregnant bellies and then bouncing toddlers.  I am beyond grateful to have been chosen to chronicle these love stories and I’m eager to capture many many more moments of connection.  It’s no mystery that some of our most cherished objects are the family photos in our homes.  The days are long but the years are short - let me slow down time for you and your loved ones soon, if only for a moment!

Photo by Tyler Chartier
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